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PeopleDoc Employee Onboarding

Enable New Hires to Hit the Ground Running

Transition job candidates into engaged new employees

Transition Job Candidates into Engaged New Employees

Onboarding is an essential process for engaging new hires, but it is also a document intensive process that requires coordination between multiple managers and departments. An automated onboarding solution can simplify the onboarding process, connect new hires with the right information and people, and create a foundation for employee success.

Employee Onboarding Features

Employee Onboarding Portal Provide employees with a company branded onboarding portal, accessible via multiple devices, where they can view welcome messages and videos, read job relevant information, and fill out paperwork online.
Form & task management Store state and federal forms online, and upload and update customized new employee forms and policies. Create, manage and track customizable task checklists for new hires, managers, and HR admins.
Signature & Acknowledgement Allow employees to easily fill out & sign forms and acknowledge company policies, as well as maintain access to these documents.
Knowledgebase & HR Helpdesk Empower new hires to find answers to questions in a searchable knowledgebase, and to communicate directly with HR during the onboarding process and beyond.
Document Management Place all onboarding documents in a centralized and compliant online repository and find any of them quickly, anytime you need.
Reporting & Dashboards Monitor new hire onboarding progress with dashboards, and quickly view which tasks still need to be completed.

Benefits of PeopleDoc Onboarding

PeopleDoc Employee Onboarding increases efficiency, improves compliance, and enhances employee experiences throughout the onboarding process and beyond.

Improve the New Hire Experience

Welcome new hires to your company through branded onboarding portals. Provide them with personalized to do lists and enable them to easily fill out paperwork and complete tasks prior to their start date.

Increase HR Productivity

Enable HR to automate workflows and assign tasks to HR, managers, employees, and IT based on roles and attributes. Provide notifications and dashboards that HR can utilize to monitor the onboarding process and ensure tasks are complete.

Centralize Employee Files and Minimize Compliance Risk

Place onboarding documents in a centralized employee folder, which will be the location of all future documents pertaining to every stage and transition of an employee’s lifecycle. Define retention settings and access rights for each type of document.

Connect with Other Systems

Connect onboarding with an ATS, HRIS, and other HR systems. Speed the onboarding process by avoiding data re-entry, and simultaneously decrease errors.

Benefits of HR Case Management and Knowledge Portal

PeopleDoc HR Case Management and Knowledge Portal changes thr way HR provides employees with information. Create searchable, personalized knowledgebase articles, as well as workflows to route and track employee requests.



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