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4 Things to Know Before You Go to HR Tech World Paris

by Malcolm Jones   October 19 2016


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It’s that time of year – conference season! HR Tech World Paris takes place October 25-26 in Palais des Congrès. The World's foremost Congress & Expo is recognized globally as the leading event on the Future of Work. It is a great opportunity to discover the ways technology is revolutionising HR, to walk around the exhibit hall and see all of the new software available to HR. And the sessions provide great practical advice that all HR professionals can learn from - it’s not just, “here is a cool new tool.” Instead it’s, “here is how we used a new tool to do something cool.”

Whether it’s your first HR Tech, or you’re simply looking for some reminders, here are 4 tips for making the most of the conference.


  1. Plan to meet people

We’re in HR – we’re friendly! Don’t be afraid to say hi to someone new. One of the reasons to attend a conference is to network with your peers so that you can share information and learn from each other. Be sure to grab some extra business cards before you leave the office to make it easier to exchange information with your new connections and stay in touch after the conference.


  1. Plan to download the mobile app

The mobile app "HR Tech World Congress" is a must-have to keep you organized. You can use the app to build your own agenda so that you don’t lose track of sessions, and you can also build out a list of the vendor booths you want to visit. (Speaking of, PeopleDoc will be at booth #215.) 


  1. Plan on running on caffeine

The days are long at HR Tech. Keynotes start around 8:30, and from then on, it’s go go go. It can be intense to sit through several sessions in a row, as there is a lot of information to take in. You’ll also want to visit the expo hall, see some demos, and meet new people. And once the conference ends each day… the party is just getting started. There are good opportunities for networking at various receptions and parties. Although waking up the next day can be tough, I strongly recommend attending these. You just may need an extra cup or 3 of coffee in the morning.


  1. Plan ahead

At any given moment during HR Tech, there could be 10 concurrent sessions, some demos, the expo hall floor, 1-1 meetings, and more to attend. It’s a good idea to give the agenda a glance before you arrive to have a sense of which sessions are important for you to attend. You can easily add these sessions to the mobile app to build your own schedule. You should also take a look at the list of vendors exhibiting in the expo hall. While walking around the expo floor is a lot of fun, it may help you to do some research in advance. Again, the mobile app is a good resource for building a list of vendors to make sure you don’t miss anything.

You cannot miss:

  • HSBC's session on October 25 at 12:05, Room 243, Level 2: "Digital HR & Cultural Big Bank"
  • PeopleDoc's demo session on October 25 at 10:55, Product Demo Room 252A.


Until Paris…

I’m looking forward to learning about the advances our industry has made over the past year, meeting new people, and seeing old friends. Stop by the PeopleDoc booth and say hi!


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