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Why PeopleDoc?

Designed for HR

PeopleDoc designs its products to modernise HR, and our implementation and customer care teams speak the HR language and understand HR needs.

designed for hr

Easy to Use

We have made our solutions easy to use in order to ensure broad adoption.


We want to help you transform your HR department as quickly as possible, and so our cloud-based technology is fast to implement and easy to adapt when business needs change.

Rapidly adapt PeopleDoc's HR Service Delivery solution


We also know you may have concerns about security when moving to the cloud, especially given the sensitive nature of HR information. That’s why we’ve made security a top priority.


Our solution is the only comprehensive solution for HR service delivery, and provides ongoing access to innovation, while also connecting with all of your current HR systems.

One view of all HR information

Connect with existing solutions

Advanced integrations with an API

One sign on for employees

We Help HR Teams Work Different

It enables you to work different, so that you can stop shuffling paper files or answering an endless stream of employee email requests, and truly make an impact on the business.

Get started with the most innovative HR Service Delivery platform.

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