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PeopleDoc Employee Portal and Case Management

Empower Employees and Free HR Resources

Deliver Better Services More Efficiently

Deliver Better Services More Efficiently

HR spends too much time responding to simple and repetitive questions, generated by employees who expect almost instantaneous responses. An employee portal and case management solution empowers employees to find their own relevant HR information, and also enables HR to route and rapidly respond to more complex, non-routine requests.

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Employee Portal and Case Management Features

Employee Portal Provide employees with an employee portal, which serves as one point of contact for all HR-related information and requests, and is accessible via multiple devices.
Knowledgebase Empower employees to find answers to HR-related questions in a searchable and personalized knowledgebase.
HR Helpdesk Enable employees to make a request to HR, view the status of a request, and chat with the HR manager in charge of a request.
Case Management Set up workflows to automatically assign incoming requests based on employee attributes and request category.
HR Processes A powerful, cost-effective tool to build and automate on demand HR processes in minutes.
Request Automation Automatically respond to, transfer, and escalate employee requests.
Document Management Directly access employee files that are relevant to a request from within PeopleDoc, and automatically archive all requests in the PeopleDoc HR Document Management solution.
SLA Measurement and Reporting Monitor KPIS ( Key Performance Indicators ) with dashboards and have a clear view on average response time, number of incoming requests, satisfaction rate, etc.

Benefits of PeopleDoc Employee Portal and Case Management

PeopleDoc Employee Portal and Case Management enables companies to automate HR processes, ensure consistency and regulatory compliance, and improve employee satisfaction.

Empower Employees and Increase Satisfaction

Enable employees to find the answers to their own HR-related questions through a continually updated knowledgebase, and to easily communicate with HR for more complex requests.

Increase HR Efficiency

Limit the number of requests HR receives by email or phone, and improve HR responsiveness by routing employee requests to the right HR specialists, the first time. Easily create new processes and tailor workflows to automate HR transactions.

Ensure Confidential Case Management

Limit access and visibility to cases based on the user’s role, and securely manage employee data. Track changes to employee requests, such as assignment changes and addition of notes.

Define and Monitor KPI's (Key Performance Indicators) to Optimize HR Service Delivery

Track and report on key metrics in order to measure and continuously improve HR service delivery performance.

Benefits of HR Case Management and Knowledge Portal

PeopleDoc HR Case Management and Knowledge Portal changes thr way HR provides employees with information. Create searchable, personalized knowledgebase articles, as well as workflows to route and track employee requests.



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