Maintain HR Operations in the Face of Disruption

Ensure a Sound Business Continuity Plan

In the face of a natural disaster, global pandemic, or other emergency, HR is the glue that holds it all together. You’re charged with keeping employees safe, supporting managers, maintaining normal operations—and that’s just the start. Having the right systems in place can make all the difference. See how UKG's HR Service Delivery solution helps HR gracefully manage the unexpected.

Support employees from anywhere, anytime


In the event of a crisis, employees and managers will abound with questions—and HR’s ability to rapidly respond directly impacts people’s trust in the business. UKG People Assist (formerly PeopleDoc Case Management) provides your workforce with a personalised knowledge base so they can easily find up-to-the-minute policies and communications no matter where or when they work. 


Of course, there will be cases that require HR intervention. Within UKG Document Manager (Formerly PeopleDoc Employee File Management), employees can submit a request that gets routed to the right HR contact for resolution or escalation, no email necessary. UKG Document Manager provides HR with digital access to all employee files so the information they need to respond to requests is right at their fingertips, even when working from home.




See how to transform the way you manage HR documents.

Protect sensitive employee information from destruction

Businesses with paper employee files run the risk of document destruction by fire or flood, or exposing sensitive personal data in the event of theft. Not only that, but when HR can’t get to the office, day-to-day work is disrupted. With UKG Document Manager, employee files and HR documents are secure and digitally accessible no matter what.

Know exactly what employees need

Get more insight into what employees need with the analytics embedded in UKG People Assist. Easy-to-read dashboards highlight which topics employees want information about and which channels and locations questions are coming from. This lets you dedicate communications to the right topics and HR resources to the right areas.


Screenshot of PeopleDoc Analytics dashboards within an ipad


Keep operations running smoothly


Just because HR can’t get to the office doesn’t mean operations need to come to a halt. With UKG Document Manager and UKG People Assist, you can continue day-to-day work as normal. Easily create forms, generate documents, obtain policy acknowledgments, and send documents for e-signature. Our process automation technology eliminates the manual steps in common workflows, like onboarding, offboarding, internal transfers or verification of employment. At a time when policies could change by the minute or there’s an influx of work, UKG ensures your processes are as efficient as possible.

See how UKG HR Service Delivery helps HR teams remain agile throughout a crisis.

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