Learning I/O

Maximise User Adoption and Satisfaction


Ensure full adoption of your HR Service Delivery platform and maximise ROI.

Learning I/O is a high-impact training concept to guarantee success and satisfaction for all PeopleDoc users. Sessions are customised to address different levels and learning styles. And, believe it or not, they’re actually fun. Our Learning I/O team uses a unique flight theme participants won't forget.

Knowledge is in the air

Learn more about Learning I/O, PeopleDoc's accredited Learning Services.

At Learning I/O, we empower our customers to increase user adoption and ensure maximum ROI. By providing the right session at the right time in the right format, we meet the needs of your learners, their scopes, environments and business needs.

Learning I/O offers a variety of content and formats for getting to know PeopleDoc products. From on-site or virtual group sessions to individual, self-paced online programmes, one of our packages (we call them flight plans around here) is sure to meet your teams’ needs. And because we believe the best way to learn is to get right in the pilot’s seat, all sessions offer hands-on exercises.

Learning I/O offers sessions that coincide with your PeopleDoc journey. They start with a high-level public session to familiarise users with the system and then move to customised, private sessions for HR administrators. For users who need to know the system in-depth, we offer various options at every step along the way—think of it like choosing your seat on a plane. Get comfortable and enjoy the view!

With PeopleDoc, there is always something new to learn. That’s why every flight plan comes with 24/7 unlimited access to our online modules, both in HTML and PDF. So, take your monthly, weekly or even daily dose of knowledge and stay on top of new releases—our solution is in the cloud and knowledge is in the air.



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