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A Hybrid Approach to Customer Support Services

In addition to responding to issues, PeopleDoc also proactively works with customers to ensure they are getting the most out of our products. We will work with you hand-in-hand to develop a deep understanding of your business processes, proactively identify challenges, and work toward future growth. With support offices in the USA and Europe, PeopleDoc product experts are available to help you with your issues and questions. Our Service Level Agreements ensure a timely response to our customers.

Benefits of HR Case Management and Knowledge Portal

PeopleDoc HR Case Management and Knowledge Portal changes thr way HR provides employees with information. Create searchable, personalized knowledgebase articles, as well as workflows to route and track employee requests.


Experience tells us that the first 30 days post go-live is a critical period that helps determine the success of the implementation. PeopleDoc understands that this is a time where additional support may be needed. Hypercare is a dual support function where the implementation manager and an assigned Customer Success Manager (CSM) work together to ensure the transition to a production environment goes smoothly.

The CSM conducts weekly case reviews and communicates back to the PeopleDoc team the status of the production environment. Any issues that are encountered are flagged as a high priority and are worked through by all involved teams.



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