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The UKG Services team is dedicated to customer success -
and our 100% customer loyalty rate is the proof. From the kick-off meeting through implementation to ongoing use of our applications, we make sure your organisation gets big results and continued value from our solutions.

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The UKG Implementation Team will work with your organisation from kick-off through go-live to ensure a successful rollout of the solution. Our unique HyperCare following go-live ensures you see the right results fast.

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Learning I/O

Whether your organisation is going live with UKG for the first time, expanding into new geographies or capabilities, or even a team member needs a little help, our Learning I/O team helps you maximise user adoption and satisfaction.

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Standard Care

By providing on-demand support through our knowledgebase and customer community, support agents to handle your issues, and a HyperCare approach for the first two months post Go-Live, we give you the tools for continued success.

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Customer Success Services

Our Customer Success Managers work with you to understand your business requirements and use cases to deliver continuous value to your organisation. Value-added services, such as HR Compliance Assist give you that extra boost to go even further as our teams guide you to success.

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HR Compliance Assist

Understanding how to comply with local employment regulations worldwide is a challenge we hear all the time from global customers. With UKG HR Compliance Assist, free up time and work, mitigate compliance risks, speed digital adoption, and stress less.

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