Seamlessly Resolve Employee Requests and Launch HR Processes

Increase HR Agility

Experience how simple it is to manage employee requests and launch processes.

UKG People Assist (Employee Case Management) gives HR teams the solutions required to provide the consumer-level service employees have come to expect. Employees are empowered to find answers to questions about HR policies and processes through an on-demand, user-friendly, personalised knowledgebase.

They can also enter more complex requests to HR and have the request automatically routed to the right person or group in the HR team to resolve it. When requests like maternity leave trigger larger processes, HR has everything they need to automate and manage them in one central location. 

Global Product Marketing IconsSee how an HR Service Delivery platform enables HR to effectively manage employee requests and automate and manage HR processes in one central location.

In six clicks, learn how HR can seamlessly resolve an employee request and kick off the maternity leave process.

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