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UKG's HR Service Delivery Solution makes it possible to serve employees anytime, anywhere. Seamlessly integrating with SAP SuccessFactors allows HR teams to automate processes, actively manage employee documents, and stay on top of employee requests and interactions. In this video, learn how UKG’s Document Management solution enhances the capabilities directly within SuccessFactors, and see how HR can seamlessly access UKG's People Assist solution and analytics offering in a simple click. 

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UKG’s HR Service Delivery solution eases the administrative burden on HR while helping them deliver a better employee experience. The contextual knowledgebase provides employees with self-serve information anytime, anywhere. A built-in case management system means they can easily submit a request when they can’t find what they need or want to kick off a process. For HR, the platform lets them route and manage the employee request while centrally managing all related documentation. Managing compliance and tracking KPIs, such as service level agreements (SLAs), has never been easier.

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UKG HR Service Delivery for SuccessFactors

UKG HR Service Delivery leverages people data in SuccessFactors to provide employees with the information they need in context, as well as personalised, guided processes for life events, both large and small.

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Event Based Document Generation

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Setting up an automated document generation process

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Generating & Signing Document

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