Kemira finds the right formula with UKG HR Service Delivery for an enhanced digital employee experience


Kemira, a global chemicals company headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, wanted to implement a solution that would integrate with their existing
HRM system (SAP SuccessFactors) to provide far more effective document management and enable their HR teams to digitise processes. Alongside increasing efficiency and effectiveness, the key business case for selling the idea to senior management was data compliance and key outcomes were to build transparency for both employees and managers, providing easier access for both. An enthusiastic team that was highly receptive to working with a new system, and impressive timeframe for implementation meant that Kemira digitised over 25,000 documents, rolling out the solution in 34 countries across a one-year period.



“We are scattered across 37 countries, we have a number of language challenges that a single global platform and a decentralised HR model couldn’t tackle effectively.”

- Mirka Janhonen, Director, Digital HR and Workplace Development 

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