Boosting HR Productivity in 2021

Moving from reactive to reimagining

Boosting HR productivity in 2021: Moving from reactive to reimagining

As a consequence of the global health crisis, many in HR earned a seat at the executive table to help navigate the business and its employees through huge disruption. Now, the people function is under pressure to re-emerge as the champion of productivity.

At UKG, “our Purpose is People” so we are convinced that HR is key to supporting business strength. More than ever before, leaders in organisations of all sizes are expecting HR departments to support their business even further. As the post Covid-19 outlook is still uncertain, companies are struggling to reinvent themselves and to boost their productivity. HR has a big role to play in this equation.

This whitepaper highlights seven hacks for HR practitioners to reimagine their function in 2021 and touches on how technology can be maximised to extend this vision so that HR can win the productivity challenge.


This whitepaper was written by:



Barry Flack

Award-winning HR & Talent Director | HR Tech Advisor | Keynote speaker


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