HR Service Delivery for Retail

See how UKG's HR Service Delivery platform makes work easier for HR teams and employees within the retail industry

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60 million customers spend an amazing £394 billion a year with retailers in the UK

That represents an average spend of almost £6,600 per person in the UK, so business should be booming. Unfortunately, retailers are facing touch challenges - and human resources teams are at the forefront of the battle.

Costs are rising rapidly, fuelled by the National Living Wage, Apprenticeship Levy, Business Rates, BREXIT uncertainty and most recently costs related to the pandemic. With store closures and job losses at record levels, and the move to online, with its digital price transparency and entrant competition, reducing profits, there's never been a greater need to make fundamental structural changes to the way retailers operate. 

Many are turning to their HR departments for help in weathering the storm.



Challenges facing HR

The problems facing HR teams often come down to two key things—time and resources.

HR is left with little time to focus on creative and consultative projects, which is the kind of work that contributes to a happy, productive and engaged workforce.

As an HR professional, you have the opportunity to reduce the time spent on administrative tasks and allocate it toward strategic work that impacts business success. It starts with eliminating the inefficiencies in your HR operations. 

Discover the top five productivity killers for HR and how UKG's HR Service Delivery platform can help you create more time in the day for people. Download ebook.

What can you achieve by digitalising  and transforming your HR Operations?


Virtualise  HR Shared Services

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Manage Employee Files


Improve Compliance






Increase HR Agility


Improve The Employee Experience


Build People-Centric Processes Quickly


UKG HR Service Delivery Platform

UKG's HR Service Delivery platform easily integrates with all HRIS systems including SAP SuccessFactors, Workday and Oracle making it easy for HR teams to automate almost any manual process, respond to employee requests, and actively manage all related employee documents from one single platform. 

From there, automation and streamlining processes is a breeze and can be done without help from IT. Giving HR team members more time for specialised tasks and initiatives.

Actively and Securely Manage with HR File Management

Instead of chasing down paper files or searching across multiple systems, UKG Document Manager, makes it simple for HR to actively manage documents efficiently and compliantly. Create, sign, store, access, share, and delete employee files in one secure place, accessible on any device and available wherever you are.

Empower Employees with a Case Management solution

HR spends too much time responding to simple and repetitive questions, generated by employees who expect almost instantaneous responses. UKG People Assist empowers employees to find personalised HR information via an employee knowledge base, and also enables HR to route and rapidly respond to more complex, non-routine requests.


UKG Solutions transform retail HR and Operations.

Over 1,000 leading retailers globally already use UKG solutions to transform employee engagement and improve productivity including:





“The UKG HR Service Delivery solution aims to drive HR agility, unify and automate HCM processes, and make HR-related information more accessible to employees. Embedded analytics and data visualisation components are geared toward enabling employees with a personalised experience in life cycle events...

- Gartner

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