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With employee files scattered across multiple systems, the HR Operations team at GoDaddy turned to UKG to help them consolidate, store and easily manage employee files.


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Get into the nitty gritty of how UKG's Employee File Management helped GoDaddy

About GoDaddy

GoDaddy is a rapidly growing global technology company specialising in domains, hosting and presence, and business applications. The HR Operations function, which is part of People Services, encompasses both HR services and HR systems and is led by Zuri Baker, Director of HR Operations.

To help improve the team’s efficiency and ensure HR compliance, Zuri turned to UKG’s Employee File Management Solution to help them consolidate, store and manage documents for GoDaddy’s 8,000 employees, located across 10 countries.



Overall, UKG (ex PeopleDoc) was always just very helpful and a true partner.


Zuri Baker,
Director of HR Operations, GoDaddy

The Challenge

GoDaddy lacked a single location for employee files. Because they were scattered across several different systems, it was difficult and time consuming for the HR Operations team to locate and pull any type of employee document. In addition to that, their HRIS only allowed them to store 2 years’ worth of historical documents.

After a particularly painful 1-9 audit, Zuri sought a single, user-friendly system for storing and managing employee files. She turned to UKG Employee File Management because of its innovative features and well-designed user interface (UI).

How UKG Helped

Before implementing UKG's Employee File Management solution, GoDaddy’s document filing process went like this: A people manager would scan a document, email it to HR, HR would download it, upload it to the appropriate system, then categorise it. Now, with scanners connected to UKG (ex PeopleDoc), managers scan an employee document and all HR Operations must do is categorise it. During a pilot, Zuri had a manager pull a performance document on his own. “He found it pretty intuitive. We didn’t tell him anything, just how to log in. That was definitely a win,” she explains.

The Results

performance validationNow that GoDaddy has an Employee File Management solution, their new streamlined process makes it much easier for the HR Operations team to fulfill document requests. Considering the volume of documents her team processes, Zuri says UKG has “absolutely saved us time.”

With less time spent on repetitive administrative tasks, Zuri’s team can focus on providing elevated HR service, which has a far-reaching impact. “We’re the front-lines to our company culture and the employee experience...we have a big stake in setting the tone for the service level and value of our entire HR team.”

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