"How good is your HR service delivery?"

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The Changeboard survey of 288 HR professionals, sponsored by PeopleDoc, threw up some interesting findings and here are just some of the highlights:

What you told us

  • An overwhelming 89% want to improve the way HR is viewed within the business.
  • 76.9% want to improve the quality of the HR service delivery that they provide. 
  • HR could be more strategic: 67.5% said that HR spends more time than they would like on administrative tasks.
  • Only 40.1% have a dedicated system to track employee requests and only 10% of these are accessible via a mobile device.
  • 28% of organisations still store documents in a paper archive.
  • 49.8% believe shared services can help the way HR is viewed.
  • 34.3% said they would move to a shared services model if it improved the employee engagement experience.

Why did we undertake the survey?

PeopleDoc sponsored the survey to gain more insight into some of the personal, team and organisational challenges that HR professionals are facing so that we can understand, better, how we can help you overcome these with our HR Service Delivery technology.

We are delighted to share the published report for you and we hope that you will take the opportunity to learn about how PeopleDoc is already helping many organisations to improve their HR service delivery and the employee engagement. 

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"How good is your HR service delivery" 




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PeopleDoc is a cloud-based HR Service Delivery solution that enables organisations to manage HR operations and communications with employees more effectively. Its integration with most of the leading HRIS systems together with its SaaS delivery model, enable it to be implemented rapidly without disrupting processes or impacting existing IT resources.

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