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How sustainable is your HR department ?

Why should your HR department go digital? In this — the first in a series on the main productivity killers for HR — we take a look at the specific problems that something as simple as paper-based processes are causing for HR teams, it’s worrying impact on the environment, and what needs to be done. Any process that creates more physical paperwork for HR, like the paper trail of documents created in everyday HR admin and all the repetitive tasks involved, means less time for HR to focus on its real, strategic purpose: keeping the demands of admin to a minimum and thinking about people and the business. 

Productivity an issue? Tackling HR productivity comes first

In the last year, organisations have been re-modelling themselves to mitigate financial strains and meet the need for new ways of working, and HR needs to be the flagship of productivity.  

The skills and competencies that HR needs right now

In adversity, there is also opportunity. If there is one positive thing that has emerged from 2020 and the Covid-19 pandemic, it could be that some businesses have achieved extraordinary transformations, even in the face of massive disruption. The enforced impetus for change, the goodwill of many employees in engaging with uncertainty, and a big leap forward in the use of technology and the virtual world, have all combined to give us a unique insight into the potential for HR to transform workplace productivity.