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Bring on HR 4.0: confronting the Fourth Industrial Revolution

The advent of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) presents both significant challenges and opportunities for the HR function. Organisations are at various stages of the digital transformation timeline. For some sectors, wholesale digital disruption is already a reality and digital transformation demands a reinvention of their offering to customers.

Why prioritising HR Service Delivery pays off

An organisational transformation can be quite complicated and take many years to accomplish. Finding the right balance of change effectiveness and impact is tricky but essential to successful transformations. The first question many organisations ask is, “where do we start?”

5 Emerging Technologies to Transform Your HR Department

Technology is an essential part of the way we conduct business today. While everything in our business doesn’t have to be automated, there are some basic technologies that most consumers expect. A couple of examples include a website and automated phone directories. These technologies help customers find information quickly to engage with the company.

Less Firefighting = Better HR

My very first real HR job was working out of Omaha, NE for a regional retailer.  I handled 14 states, 125 locations and about 7,000 employees in my role.  I had another guy just like me who had the other half of the company who helped train me. What I discovered was this guy never got out of the office. In fact, he rarely got up from his desk as his email and phone were a constant distraction, as you can imagine with the scope of our responsibility!

Four Tips for Paperless HR

Typical HR departments must manage benefits, training, recruiting, onboarding and several other functions. Each function is associated with various documents that must accompany each employee. According to an ADP survey, 60% of companies are still storing employee files in paper. According to Iron Mountain, an employee file contains an average of 29 pieces of paper.

Adapting Human Resources for Millennials

Millennials have surpassed Generation X as the largest component of the workforce. In the first quarter of 2015, there were 53.5 million Millennials in the workforce, and 52.7 million Gen Xers.